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Course Overview

A powerful process for developing agile leaders who can deal easily and productively with any situation no matter how tough or complicated. If you want resilient people who can inspire, innovate and influence others under the toughest and changing conditions, whilst deal with any problem thrown at them, then this is the programme for you.

Agile leadership is the ability to pursue a mission focus or a goal in a way that is flexible, adaptable and responsive. Additionally, agile leaders have a capability to develop agile teams, organisations and people who can adapt and respond to rapidly changing, ambiguous and uncertain situations and who are resilient and flexible.

The aim of agile leadership is for the leader to remain operable and to keep their team fully functional regardless of the situation or the number or speed of changes in the situation, no matter how sudden or extreme, in order to either achieve the original mission or develop and pursue a credible and advantageous alternative.

This course is suitable for developing leadership for situations where,

  • Current leadership styles are not as effective as they might use to be

  • Situations have become complex, fluid and ambiguous

  • A predominance of risk and ambiguity averse behaviours are apparent

  • Greater agility, flexibility and creativity is required from the leadership

  • Need new thinking leader with techniques to manage change

  • Lack of strategy or new strategic thinking

  • There is a need to identify and develop talent

Duration: 1 Day     

Class: Group of 15 - 20     

Prerequisites: None

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Agile Leadership




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