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Course Overview

The individuals who can quickly restore the balance between their emotions and thinking are most likely to perform better in difficult situations. Based on extensive research carried out by the Center-i and Oxford Review we have developed a unique, robust and practical process for increasing individual leaders’ emotional resilience enabling your leaders to install empathy, enhance productivity and boost the morale of their teams.


This course is designed to teach you how to deal with following scenarios,


  • How to deal with high tension and stress situations

  • How to manage and solve a difficult situation fast

  • How to manage moderate to high levels of uncertainty, risk & ambiguity

  • How to deal with significant levels of conflict

  • Problem solving includes interpersonal or emotive issues

  • How to handle situations where both resilience and empathy is required

  • How not to react to situations, and how to strategically work through them


Duration: 1 Day     

Class: Group of 15 - 20     

Prerequisites: None

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Developing Emotional Resilience




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