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Ambiguity Advantage Series

This course is specifically designed to allow leaders to learn, innovate, and importantly unlearn fast enough to be able to succeed no matter how tough, difficult or uncertain the going gets, whilst developing a greater emotional resilience to deal with any situation like a professional and with empathy.

Agile Leadership

A powerful process for developing agile leaders who can deal easily and productively with any situation no matter how tough or complicated. If you want resilient people who can inspire, innovate and influence others under the toughest and changing conditions, whilst deal with any problem thrown at them, then this is the programme for you.

Solving Ambiguous Problems

Solving Ambiguous (Difficult) Problems is our most popular programme, which is based on Dr. David Wilkinson’s book ‘The Ambiguity Advantage’. This programme is designed to help individuals develop their ability to deal with problem regardless how ambiguous, difficult or dynamic the problem have become…

Developing Emotional Resilience

The individuals who can quickly restore the balance between their emotions and thinking are most likely to perform better in difficult situations. Based on extensive research carried out by the Center-i and Oxford Review we have developed a unique, robust and practical process for increasing individual leaders’ emotional resilience enabling your leaders to install empathy, enhance productivity and boost the morale of their teams.

Increase Tolerance to Ambiguity Risk               

The ability to be comfortable with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk is a key attribute in problem solving, leadership and dealing with any change. This programme is designed to increase an individual’s tolerance towards ambiguity, whilst enabling them to operate more successfully in changing and uncertain situations.

Power Strategy Development

This is one of our most respected and popular programmes. This programme has helped and is currently helping companies and services to develop a robust strategic direction and discover exactly what must be done to achieve future requirements. The course is based around the Mont Fluer process and other similar successful large scale strategy processes. This programme has helped companies around the world including investment banks, national services, and government agencies to add significant amount of value to their organisation portfolios.

Bespoke Products               

As experts and leaders in the field of always winning in situations of change, uncertainty and risk, Oxford School of Continuing Professional Development provides products such as professional workshops, expert executive coaching, advice and consultancy tailor made to suit your unique and precise needs.

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