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Course Overview


This is one of our most respected and popular programmes. This programme has helped and is currently helping companies and services to develop a robust strategic direction and discover exactly what must be done to achieve future requirements.


The course is based around the Mont Fluer process and other similar successful large scale strategy processes. This programme has helped companies around the world including investment banks, national services, and government agencies to add significant amount of value to their organisation portfolios.


This course is designed to teach you how to manage situations where,

  • There is little or no agreement on current strategic direction

  • Current or proposed strategy failed to align and unite people

  • There is an urgent need for a powerful strategy

  • Operating context has become ambiguous, and need solutions

  • There is a need for organisational change, but how to manage it

  • Both profits and productivity are falling uncontrollably

Duration: 1 Day     

Class: Group of 15 - 20     

Prerequisites: None

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Power Strategy Development




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